I hope everyone has been staying at-home when allowable and are safe and healthy.  Our Spring Break ends this week, and we return to a virtual classroom on Monday.  While the below items certainly are not as amusing as most Top 10 lists, important information is included that we hope will be of benefit.

1) Buildings– Buildings are currently closed. Additionally, per the governor’s orders, our playground is closed as well. If you need something from the building, please contact the building administrator or building secretary. They are checking their email Monday-Friday.

2) Meals-Individuals can pick up multiple days of breakfast and lunch on Monday and Thursday.  Location choices are as follows

  • Junior High gym lobby 11:00-12:30
  • Sunoco Farmersville 11:30-12:30
  • Intermediate Building door C6 by preschool 11:00-12:30
  • Germantown First Church of God 11:30-12:30
  • Windcliff apts. 11:00-11:45 or Hillcrest park 11:45-12:30
  • St. John’s Church 11:00-11:45 or Kercher park 11:45-12:30
  • Germantown grocery store parking lot 11:00-11:45 or Hickory Point and Butter 11:45-12:30

These will be drive-thru systems.  Please be patient with us as we work through this new process in an effort to better help our students and community.  This is open to all students.  If you have any questions about this, please contact Erick Depew at erick.depew@valleyview.k12.oh.us 

3) Technology– For students who need a computer in order to complete assignments, devices can be picked up on Monday from 9:00-11:00 a.m. and 4:00-6:00 p.m. at the high school at entrances A3, B5, or C7. If you cannot make it for whatever reason, please email Brian Lemke at brian.lemke@valleyview.k12.oh.us

4) E-learning- We will start back up on Monday with having students accessing lessons online. While we obviously want our students to continue their growth in academic knowledge and skills, our first and foremost priority is ensuring their social and emotional well-being. Our staff wants to work with each of you, and we know that these are difficult times. While we want students to complete their work each day, it should not come at the expense of their overall health and the sanity of our household! If there is assistance that you need, please contact your student’s teacher or administrator. We are all in this together!

5) Flexibility– Please know that our plans are all subject to change. The meal pick-up plan is our plan for this week, but may change moving forward. How we are conducting “classes” may change in subsequent weeks. We are having regular virtual leadership meetings to discuss what is going well, and what we can do to improve.

6) Voting– The governor just signed new legislation that extends absentee voting for the March 17th election until April 28th. You can access an absentee ballot by going to THIS page, or by going to https://www.mcohio.org/11_a_english_MC_v2_NEW.pdf .

7) Future Days missed– While Governor DeWine has strongly suggested that we will be out longer than April 6th, that has not officially taken place yet. When we know something, we will communicate it. I think we should follow the Governor’s suggestion that we will be out an extended period of time.

8) Cancellation/Postponements– The Ohio High School Athletic Association has now officially cancelled the post-season of winter sports.  The company that sponsors our 8th grade Washington D.C. trip has cancelled our trip at the beginning of May, but we are working with them to reschedule that for a time next year.  No official decision has been made regarding Spring Sports, but I would anticipate that to occur after a decision has been made about whether schools will be out longer. The prom venue has cancelled prom, and we are talking about potential future options.  Finally, we are committed to ensuring that our class of 2020 seniors have a graduation ceremony if we cannot have it on the assigned date and time.  While we may not yet have a time and place, these senior deserve an opportunity to be recognized for their achievement at some point and in some manner.  There are a number of other events that will have to be examined, and the appropriate individuals will communicate those when information is available.

9) Our Staff– Special thanks to our fantastic staff!  In a short amount of time, our food service team has reorganized to set up multiple days of meals from different pick–up points in our community, our athletic director has become an technology director, aides have gone from assisting kids in the classroom to passing out devices and meals, and teachers have completely redesigned how we “teach”.  While we will continue to evolve and grow with this new reality, the staff have jumped in head-first with a desire to continue helping our students as much as possible.

10) Our Community– While we were not in session this week, I have still seen countless examples of selflessness and cooperation within our community.  People helping checking on their neighbors, delivering groceries to those who cannot go outside, providing meals for anyone who needs them, and setting up online social gatherings to help people stay connected. Time and again this community shows why it is a special place.  Special thanks to our medical personal and other essential personnel who keep this place going.  I would highly encourage people who are able to continue to support our local businesses by buying take-out to keep this community moving forward.  

I appreciate your flexibility and cooperation as we continue through these challenging times. Our SPARTAN PRIDE shines through no matter the circumstances!

Proud to be your Superintendent,
Ben Richards