Hopefully this communication finds everyone well. While it is great to hear improved projections regarding this pandemic, we should also hear the cautionary reminder that the improved numbers are contingent upon us maintaining the current social distancing practices. While I know it is difficult, by us all following this, we help our front line personnel as well as cut down on how long we will have to stay in this isolation. Thank you for all that you do to assist with this process.

  • As a reminder, we do NOT have school tomorrow.  On Monday, we will be maintaining our “no new instruction on Monday” approach.  However, please take advantage of trying to get caught up on assignments and contacting teachers if you have any questions.  
  • The HS has prepared a short video for our students.  I think they have done a fantastic job!! Here is a link to the video:  https://animoto.com/play/nCuLqJgvEHtYwpX3kWwikQ
  • A note from the VV Whole Child team
    Our Whole Child team exists to care for all aspects of each of our 1800+ students.  During these strange new times we want to know, “How can we help your family?“.  

    We promise to not fill up your inbox.  In fact, we want to just give you the tools to reach out to us in case you think of “How can we help your family?“.

    Reach out to us any time you have a need and don’t know where else to start:
    Primary: Shannon Hayes, school counselor shannon.hayes@valleyview.k12.oh.us or Sarah Pickerell, Dean of Students sarah.pickerell@valleyview.k12.oh.us
    Intermediate:  Shannon Hayes, school counselor shannon.hayes@valleyview.k12.oh.us or Denny Shepherd, Dean of Students Denny.shepherd@valleyview.k12.oh.us
    Junior High: Stephanie Carmack, school counselor  stephanie.carmack@valleyview.k12.oh.us
    High School: Heather Keating, School Counselor heather.keating@valleyview.k12.oh.us; Austin Halsey, Austin.halsey@valleyview.k12.oh.us; or Andy Berry, Dean of Students andy.berry@valleyview.k12.oh.us 
    Health & Wellness: Susan Parks, School Nurse susan.parks@valleyview.k12.oh.us

    Finally, we want to leave you with 10 simple strategies families can implement to help break up the “new typical” day:
    • Set a daily schedule and stick to it. 
    • It’s OK to sleep in a bit, but be consistent with a wake up time.
    • Get dressed for the day.  That process helps our minds prepare for the day.  
    • Take time during the day for fun leisure activities or working out.  Exercise and movement is important. 
    • Enjoy fun music together.  Your house is the safest place for a family dance party! 
    • Set aside a set time and space for school work. Provide fun breaks throughout that time.  
    • Make time to be in nature.  Listen to the wind, the birds, or a trickling stream. 
    • Find ways to help others.  Help your child become a pen-pal with a friend from class they have not seen in weeks.  Use actual paper and stamps!  Send a card to a distant family member.  Make a positive sign to put out by the road to cheer up those passing by.  Helping others can make us happy and gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction.  
    • Practice meditation or mindfulness.  
    • Find ways to reach out to your supports…virtually.  This may include school teachers and other staff, faith communities, family members, friends, and those closest to you.  The opposite of isolation is connection. Stay connected, safely. 
    • Thanks for your time, and again, contact us for any of your Whole Child Needs.
      Stay healthy & safe!   Kevin Phillips  937.855.6581 ext 5 then 2  kevin.phillips@valleyview.k12.oh.us

I sincerely hope that everyone has a wonderful weekend!!

Proud to be your Superintendent,
Ben Richards