Keeping with the last several years, the Valley View PTO will be offering an After School Enrichment Program for students in the Primary and Intermediate Buildings to provide opportunitites for educational growth outside the school day.

Students have been given documentation describing each of the classes offered.  Classes this year include Fun with STEAM, Legos K-2, Legos 2-4, Magic Tree House Book Series, Cool Computers, Art with Mrs. Niessel, Yer a Wizzard-Morton, Yer a Wizzard-Boyd, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe Book VS. Movie Club (Wellbaum/Swanson, Knitting, Learning How to Play Tone Chimes, Intro to Spanish I.

To sign up on line go to, print off, and send in the required form with fee within 48 hours afterward.  Please only print/send one paper to avoid duplicate registrations.  A STUDENT IS NOT CONSIDERED “REGISTERED” UNTIL THEY TURN IN BOTH A COMPLETED PERMISSION FORM AND PAYMENT.  The deadline for all registrations and payment is Wednesday, September 26th.  Some classes may fill up sooner.

Parents are responsible for picking up their child/children from each after-school program they attend.